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Learn pressure washing. Kick start a new business.

Hi, Charles Lowry here. I've not only cut my teeth on writing numerous children's books. I'm also an experienced pressure washer, thanks to a college professor I met at a dull party. Little did I know, our chance meeting would lead to him sharing his formula for pressure washing. The professor invited me to tag along one day and see the formula in action with my own eyes. The professor gave the formula and taught me how to do it on my own. It did not disappoint. I would take my gear and formula to various homes and several neighbors would interrupt my work to ask if I'd take care of their homes too. And best of all? It can be a one man operation.

Low pressure washing is a great side hustle to help your teen pay for college. Let me tell you, it beats minimum wage.

Get the professor's secret formula from my other web site. Click on the image below and enjoy my $100 off coupon code. With the formula, you receive an instructional video and manual detailing everything you need to get started on washing siding, decks, and more. What are you waiting for?